The Tennessee Department of Mental Health's 'Shield of Care: Protecting Juvenile Justice Youth from Suicide' program, featuring the OutreachArts-created film, 'Second Glances' is accepted for inclusion in a Best Practice Registry; a collaboration between the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and SAMHSA - 2013.


Oregon's ColumbiaCare Services RESPONSE program, featuring the OutreachArts-created suicide awareness film series, 'Never Enough' designated a Best Practice (Suicide Prevention Resource Center & American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Best Practice Registry - 2007)



Lower Great Lakes Emmy Awards , Emmy Award for 'After I'm Gone' - (2013)

Lower Great Lakes Emmy Awards , Emmy Nomination for 'Loves Me Not' - (2013)

Lower Great Lakes Emmy Awards , Emmy Nomination for 'More Than This' - (2013)

Accolade Award - (2012)

Platinum Remi Award - (45th WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film Festival - 2012)

Accolade Award - (2011)

Communicator Award - (2011)

Voice Award Nomination - (2011)

Gold Remi Award (44th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - 2011)

Accolade Award - (2010)

Aegis Award - (Drama Finalist - 2010)

Platinum Remi Award - (43rd WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film Festival - 2010)

Special Jury Award - Remi (42nd WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film Festival - 2009)

Silver Remi Award - (41st WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film Festival - 2008)

Omni Award (2007)

IFC Media Lab Award (2007)

Special Jury Award - Remi (40th WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film Festival - 2007)

Honorable Mention Award (2006 Columbus International Film Festival)

Gold Remi Award (39th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - 2006)

Telly Award (2006)

Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nomination, 'Outstanding Youth Programming' (2005)

National Health Information Award (2004)

Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nomination, 'Outstanding Youth Programming' (2004)

Gold Telly Award (2004)

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"Other than the occasional "After School Special", there are very few television programs that are devoted to the many challenges teens face in our fast-paced and often confusing world. So I was delighted to see that you are producing a series dealing with serious issues, such as depression and bullying that affect young adults. As I said when we spoke by phone, 'Jenny's Reasons' and 'Ghosts in the Hall', part of the MAPLE AVE series, were two of the finest shows for young people I've ever seen. They honestly address important issues from the teens' point of view without ever feeling contrived or preachy. Your shows are honest and compassionate and, above all, REAL! Kudos to your talented writers and actors! When I watched the preview, I believed in these people and cared about them. To me, that's one of the hallmarks of great programming. I can hardly wait to see the next episode of MAPLE AVE and I'm looking forward to GORDON TERRACE and CEDAR GROVE as well. Many thanks for allowing us to air 'Jenny's Reasons' and 'Ghosts in the Hall' on ThinkBright TV. I know our young viewers and their families will enjoy them as much as I did."

- Goldie Gardner, WNED ThinkBright, Program Manager, Buffalo, NY


"WFWA Fort Wayne, IN is thrilled to have 'Jenny's Reasons' and 'Ghosts in the Hall' available to us. We plan to schedule both shows and follow them up with local call-ins offering local expert advice to teens and parents and highlight local resources available. These are the only programs we've found that speak to both audiences and we are very impressed by the quality."

- Claudia Johnson, Operations Division Manager, WFWA, Fort Wayne, IN


"Out of hundreds of programs available for broadcast from various distributors and independent producers, it's nearly impossible to find programming for adolescents. Thanks to OutreachArts I have access to quality films that capture the attention of adolescent viewers and deliver a positive message."

- Golden Thomas, Manager of 'City 12' Public Television (in partnership w/ WXXI & the city of Rochester, NY)


"I want to compliment you on Maple Ave. It's a wonderful series. Thanks so much for letting me know about it."

- Miranda Barry, Senior Director, Sesame in Schools at Sesame Workshop


"I loved the show. The 'Maple Ave' program on teen suicide ('Jenny's Reasons') provides compelling and realistic insight into the events and emotions that can lead to suicide. The program provides a springboard for focus groups, classroom discussion and family conversations about recognizing the warning signals and offering support to teens who are contemplating suicide. 'Maple Ave' provides a venue for parents, teens and the greater community to connect and learn."

- Danielle Heiny ,KSMQ Station Manager, Austin, MN


"Richard: as you know, AETN has previewed the first two MAPLE AVE episodes, "Jenny's Reasons" & "Ghosts in the Hall." We found both productions to be focused on issues of importance to the targeted audience. We appreciate you making them available for our broadcast and hope you are successful in securing the financial resources to continue the series. We look forward to seeing additional episodes."

- Kathy Atkinson, Director of Programming, AETN, Conway, AR


"The 'Maple Ave' series is comprised of films that encompass highly identifiable social concerns that are in need of exposure within our local communities. How else can we expose our younger/teenage viewers to these real life situations that they can then learn from? Outreach Arts provides us the opportunity to do just this. The 'Maple Ave' series also identifies with the adults that are struggling through these trivial times who may not comprehend how to cope with the situation. This series has the potential to help people in awful situations, that may have never have received help at all."

- Leslie O'Hara, Educational Services Mgr., WPBS-TV, Watertown, NY


"I just watched 'Jenny's Reasons' and was very moved by it. These are such complex times - hard for adults to navigate so it must be especially difficult for teens. This video provides a wonderful opportunity to have dialog with teens about depression and the emotions they are feeling. I liked the fact that the depression Jenny was feeling was hard for her to understand and that it illustrated the guilt that she felt over feeling depressed when "so many others in the world face much worse." This video and the others in the 'Maple Ave' collection offer us unique opportunities to address real issues that teenagers face in today's complex world. These can serve as teaching tools that harness the power of television and address a real issue that is often not understood. I know that various community agencies that work with teenagers would find these resources invaluable. Thanks again for sending them."

- Kim Kelling Engstrom, Education and Outreach Manager, WFSU, Tallahassee, FL


"WSKG's Educational Advisory Committee viewed the two episodes of 'Maple Ave' and felt it depicted, in a real way, some issues teens are facing. They felt the series could provide an impetus for discussion among teens, teens and parents, teens and teacher, as well as teens and counselors."

- Carolyn A. Weston, Educational Services Coordinator, WSKG Public Television Binghamton, NY


"I was highly impressed with the production and acting quality in 'Jenny's Reasons' and 'Ghosts in the Hall'. I think the content within these programs provides a good look into the reality of what kids are going through these days. It's been hard to find a drama series that focuses on the youth today and I want to thank OutreachArts for helping to fill that void. I hope and look forward to seeing more 'Maple Ave' episodes in the future."

- Val M.B. VanderSluis, Director of Programming, KTWU, Channel 11 (Topeka, Kansas)


"Thanks for making JENNY'S REASONS and GHOSTS IN THE HALL available to WHYY for air. We are looking forward to airing them in the appropriate timeslot and hope you are able to create more films in your MAPLE AVE series. Please keep us in the loop. Thanks again."

- David Rubinsohn, Dir. of TV Programming, WHYY-TV, Wilmington, DE


"'Maple Ave' is an important drama series that touches on what is happening with the youth of today. Addressing these issues with this drama series gives kids the opportunity to see a positive outcome and know that there is help out there. Outreach Arts is exposing a very pressing issue in our community that WYBE's viewers have experienced and enjoyed learning from."

- Joni C. Helton, Director of Programming, WYBE Public Television, Philadelphia, PA



"I speak at schools quite often, and I can't imagine that anything I could say would be as powerful or as easy for students to relate to as your films."

- Beverly Cobain (cousin to Kurt Cobain), author of the acclaimed book, 'When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens'


Re: MAPLE AVE Series:

"When I watched the series on WNED in Buffalo, I enjoyed the simple message and powerful storylines. ...thank you for producing such a well-crafted series. ...I look forward to viewing more of your work..."

- Chukwunonso llogu, PBS Viewer (Buffalo, NY)


"I grew up surrounded by the many issues your videos face, especially depression and self injury, I just wanted to say the videos are really good, they hit really close to home (made me cry) This is tough stuff..... Things DO get better, which is the reason WHY I like your videos, they provide Hope, and THATs what more youth need to witness......"

- Ashley, 'Maple Ave' viewer (MN)


"When I was Programming full-time I came across numerous independent producers who had great programs/series for acquisition. One that always popped to me was the MAPLE AVE series from OutreachArts. The shorts were put together with masterful care, covering hard line topics that are pertinent to tweens. There are few series like MAPLE AVE - and I do encourage a preview..."

- Jim Connors, Past Programming Director, WNED-PBS


"MAPLE AVE really opened my eyes to the many issues that teens face today. It's been a few years - well, more like several years - since I was a teenager, and their issues are really a lot more complex today than when I was their age! MAPLE AVE's shows are very informative for anyone wanting to understand today's youth, and especially for someone working with teens like I currently do."

- Wendy Winks, Regional Director Southern California, Paul Green School of Rock Music



"I watched 'Damage Done' yesterday.....3 times. It is an amazing piece of work! At the end all I could think was, "He nailed it!" Your actors were awesome and the editing was brilliant. Most importantly, I felt the story every step of the way. I know this is going to reach people in a way we've never been able to with 'gambler films'. ...seeing our family issue come alive on this film was absolutely inspiring. I think 'Damage Done' will be a powerful resource to bring these families out of the shadow of the gambler and give them the respect (and hopefully the help) that they need and deserve. I would love to meet these actors someday and tell them personally how grateful I am for what they gave us in this film. Of course, I know even the best actors couldn't have done this without a Director who understood what the goal was. Thank you so much for investing yourself in this subject. I could see and hear so many of the things we discussed and little threads of the stories of the family members' that you talked to. Thanks for listening to us and really hearing what we were trying to say!"

- Carol O'Hare, Executive Director, Nevada Council On Problem Gambling



"Richard Wilson, cast and crew clearly captured the struggle of a young person responding to a friend who is at risk for suicide. I was extremely relieved to shelve the videos I had been using to date!"

- Jill A. Hollingsworth, MA, Prevention Specialist for ColumbiaCare Services (OR)



"'Escape to Nowhere' is the 5th video produced by Outreach Arts, Inc. (for the CCGNJ). This video which depicts a high school female involved with gambling is the first such video that captures this new wave of female problem gamblers, who are matching wits and money with their male counterparts – another masterful production by OutreachArts, Inc.”

- Ed Looney, Executive Dir,. Council On Compulsive Gambling Of NJ (Hamilton, NJ)



"'Safe Bet' is everything I wanted it to be! I showed it to a class and they were able to understand the problem and found it a great way to learn."

- Terry Elman, Education Coordinator, Council On Compulsive Gambling Of NJ (Hamilton, NJ)


"'Safe Bet' is an extremely realistic view of teen problem gambling. It shows the emotional, financial and social consequences of problem gambling. Excellent video!"

- Kevin O'Neil, CCGNJ Deputy Director (2001)

Re: CARING HUG (A Story for Bobby):

"I received the video and watched it immediately. You really did an outstanding job on it. . . . Richard, I am in awe of your sensitivity in writing this script. . . . Very well done. And the actors are top notch. I want an Aunt Jo for myself!! And 'Bobby'......well, he just tugs at you, doesn't he? Looks like you pulled off another coup!"

- Patricia Christy RN BSN OCN , Manager Cancer Program, Genesis Cancer Center (Davenport, IA)

For a complete list of past Testimonials please contact us at



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